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Pictures of the Journey

(Find links to photo albums here.)

N e w Z e a l a n d!

Just a few pictures of the amazing Land of the Long White Cloud (New Zealand).

Though education is what brought me here, and although the travel experiences it has afforded me have been unforgettably amazing, uni work is nothing to sneeze at. After long days of lectures, workshops, practicals and tutorials, long nights of homework assignments follow. — The usual college life. During our precious-little free moments from study, we students enjoy eating food. Sleeping. And just being chill. Hence, photos do not get sorted, or edited, or posted for all to see. Phone calls are not made. Journal entries are not written. And when moments of relaxed, cognitive coherence sweep over us, our meager energies are channeled to assert that.... uni is no holiday.

2 months from tonight (in America), I’ll arrive back in my Milan Center, Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States, North-American element. This semester has flown. Only 3 weeks of uni remain, and fortunately, [only] 1 final exam in mid-June.

—May 9th, 2014

National Rugby League — Byron Bay — Moreton Island

April 18, 2014

New Zealand adventure in T-5 hours.

Pics of the past few weeks HERE.


USA — Hong Kong — Brisbane

Feb 22, 2014

A few pictures of the 1st month — with many, many more pics to come. Soon.

Click here to view the pictures.

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