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Goodbye, Oz

Day 169.

Flight departs BNE in an hour.

Not enough words or time to describe all that this season has been.

“Heaps" of people, places, adventures, highs, lows, and eye-opening experiences that will go down in history.

Privileged to have had this opportunity.

Grateful to those that made it possible.

Excited to be going back, yet sad to be leaving Aussie and friends made here.

So much to look forward to, yet leaving so much behind.

Bittersweet times indeed.

—Better than no times at all.

Cheers, Australia.

Now to sort through 10,000+ photos to compile a video of the last 6 months.

Hello 25 hours in a plane.

Goodbye body clock.

Hello Summer! Goodbye 'Winter.'

Hello 'Merica.

Goodbye, Oz.

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