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Home Sweet Home

December 15th came & went, and all those exams & reports & presentations flew down the hatch. Some got stuck, but somehow I managed to jam them down and they’re finally out of sight.

Life back on the farm and in The Fort is as full and busy as ever—wrapping up my degrees at Indiana-Purdue, Fort Wayne.

Thousands of pictures still await sorting and posting, as does a Europe video—which will hopefully be a fine sequel to my Australian video.

That semester abroad pushed & stretched me beyond my physical & mental limits. Yet it was a rich, amazing, and unforgettable experience I will never regret. Switzerland, its capital city of Bern, and the Alps were utterly beautiful. Europe: so enviously small & diverse.

Special thanks to:

The Martinez family for their warm welcome and incredible helpfulness in Zurich.

Emma M. for the London tips and lovely house.

Pete D. for the good times in Stockholm, crazy strangers included.

The people at Hillsong London, and Hillsong Paris for their friendship & hospitality.

David M. for being such a helpful “Buddy” at Universität, Bern.

The people at River Life for being an awesome, supportive family.

Damien, Karen, Lauren, Rebi, Matt, Clara, Dill, & Ghana for being cool and being friends.

Celine, Elio, Alex, & Timmy for the good conversations and allowing this America to live in their flat!

Vikka for showing me a bit of Bergen.

Leo for the chats on the front steps of Uni Bern. Pascal and Egzon for their brainy help in my least-favorite IoT class.

Steffi for the tours of history-rich Berlin.

Professor Morrissey for the fun, entertaining writing & drama courses!

The Huckels & Klopfensteins—my long-lost relatives in Couthenans & Montbéliard, France—for taking me back to my roots.

Eloi for the inspiring 5K races—even the ones we missed. ;)

Captain Maurice for guiding & supplying the awesome, awesome, AWESOME treks into the-middle-of-nowhere, majestic Swiss Alp-land.

José and Roberto—confidently the best, most-ingenious study buddies in all the land.

Until next post—hopefully with a video to share—ciao.

And until I get time to update my site, there are plenty of [iPhone] pics to explore HERE.

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