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[En route]

Didn't prepare a post beforehand—already en route.

Mexico: sunny and 74°;

Brazil: with Amazonian jungles;

Panama: with man-made marvels;

Peru: with ancient ruins and breathtaking sights & heights;

Here I come.

On this trip, in this moment, I will:

Be all here

Revel in the freedom

Soak in the disconnect

Bask in the wealth of Earth's people, their culture, their hospitality, their way of life, their landscapes

Thank God for opportunity

Thank governments for granting visas & sharing their country

Thank all nerds everywhere of ages past and present for technology that makes so much (all of this?) possible

Remember from whence I come, and those that make life worth living

Remember those who are in seasons of pain & suffering

Remember to forget most everything else except everything listed here

Out [yet again] with my own little world

In [once more] with an ever-broadening picture

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